First I received a friend request from Dorinda Clark-Cole. I did not understand receiving a friend request from her since she is the person whom she is which is a very famous Christian gospel singer. I accepted the friend request and today and all of a sudden I received an instant message from this person, who has a picture of Dorinda as a profile, saying God wants to bless me today and he wants to give me a financial blessing and said he wanted Dorinda to give so many people $15,000 and all I needed to submit was my name my address and email address. I submitted those things to the individual .Once I submitted that, the person said continued to contact me saying" did you get an email and did you get an email" did you get an email I did not. the person then ask for my phone number. I gave it to them the person called me. I missed the calls but the person let me know I missed the calls. The calls were from MarylandThey told me to call again. When I called it was a foreign voice or an individual’s voice I could not understand. I let the person know that I did talk with someone but the accent was foreign. the person said that that was a person from the Oil Company, which Dorinda invested in. Then the person said that they just confirm the transaction. The person kept talking in a Godly way then the person said now all I have to do is submit $250. I knew that it was Crooks then I ask them to leave me alone because I knew my God would not ask such of me and I knew they were a scams. they still continue to talk in their Godly way and said that the $250 is is for beneficiary of for Dorinda on the account and they will reimburse me the $250 once the transaction is complete. I ask them to leave me alone. they ended with, " may God bless you."