We were charged thousands of dollars by Dossett Dental to install crowns in my son’s mouth four of which fell off within 24 hours. They were reattached and fell off again within 12 hours! One crown was subsequently replaced with a metal crown with a hole in the top serface! My son compained about the hole and the sucking sensation the evening it was installed. When told about the hole in the crown the manager tried to claim a root canal was done on the crown that had just be installed. When confronted with the information about a crown falling off their response was “…was intact when Matthew left our office per our documentation.” Apparently, Dossett Dental’s management believes that once the consumer leaves the office their need to provide service has ended. | We have tried in all good faith to resolve the matter and requested a refund but it has been repeatedly denied. | Dossett forced us to take out a loan for their payment prior to leaving so they would get paid no matter what. CONSUMERS NEED TO BE WARNED THAT DOSSETT DENTAL SHOULD BE AVOIDED! |

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