Was told to deposit $200.00 in to a wallet on doubleoption.org and localbitcoin.com I did then 1560.00 it cost me $ 2400.00 to purchase the bitcoins for investment .I check the fake sites and it says my profits are 21,000.00. I then get a message stating I have 72 hrs to deposit 4750.00 for a signal loss fee or I lose everything I earned with the trade. I asked what does that mean? Redman Brett Jackson is the initial contact and Silvester Scott Henderson in the fake investor whom is demanding money from me. I looked thru his Facebook after the fact clicked on all his contacts which are fake. Redman’s profile isn’t public . I lost everything I had cashing a dream of getting out of debit and just went in the whole even more. They have my address all my parsonal information including bank information.