I placed an order for a costume on doxylingerie.com on September 22nd. The order screen stated that this item was in stock and all items not in stock were removed from the web site. It said in stock items shipped in 3-5 days. Well its 15 minutes away from being October 27th and still no order. We made this purchase for a party on the 28th which ironically is the last day for returns to Doxy Lingerie and still no shipment. I have checked the status and wrote several emails with no luck and no change in status. nI wrote an email today and said if I didn’t get a response then I would start placing negative reviews and still no response. Its been over 30 days and even if the product was out of stock they say that out of stock items MAY take up to 30 days to ship. Well I think I have done all the waiting I can now. I was going to dispute it on my credit card and be done with it but after reading about all the other folks that she ripped off, I think its about time to have my brother (lawyer) do me a favor and contact her. I am just shocked this person is allowed to keep doing business. nToninKnoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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