Complaint: I started seeing this Egyptian deceiving doctor in 2007 for regular check ups. After he got comfortable with me, he would then ask me to sign for an additional procedure so he doesn t over bill me, claiming that my insurance does not pay enough (since he was out of network, which I later found he was ousted from due reason not disclosed by the insurance) He also insisted constantly that I pay in cash, claiming he would charge me less so he doesn t have to pay taxes. I saw this doctor over 10 times and each time, I later found that he double billed my insurance company. I was getting the EOB (Explanation of benefits from the insurance, since i agreed to get it electronically and was sent to a canceled email). I also attained this doctor for an accident treatment who I later came to regret. He way over billed my attorney for few visits (I should have gone to a specialist). The only reason I went with this doctor, my insurance wasnt gonna pay for the MRI and he agreed to take it on a lien. He asked me to pay $600 IN CASH which I did, thinking it s the only way I get my MRI and treatment resumed (He made it seem like he s doing me a favor). After I got a small settlement from the accident, barely enough to pay for my treatments *physical therapy, attorney, and this greedy doctor (40% of the settlement went to him) who also included the MRI bill in his final invoice to my attorney. NNow, I get billed frequently by the MRI for a $2800 bill claiming they never gotten paid by that doctor. My Attonery wrote him a letter which went un-answered. I am planing to report him to the California Insurance Bureau, the District office and file a small claims case against his office. Another greedy foreigner from the middle east ….

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