Complaint: Two years ago, I contacted DR Horton in regards to drainage issues being created by the sloping of the property. At that time, I was told that the water issue was due to our lack of edging our property properly. After this, we continued to edge the property as we where before, but the problem has increased. The drainage issue transfers from one property to the other. As can be seen in the pictures, water floods the base of the homes and erodes the soil from the foundation. Hundreds of dollars were spent in installing river walk to assist in drainage and now, that reviver rock has become thin due to the covering of our neighbors erosion. At the first property (which is mine) the water rises so high that it continually floods the cooling unit. When professional landscapers were called in, they stated that the drainage was due to the sloping of the property and the water being drained from the hill. We, at 7316, are the first drop off point for the water. The water flows so heavily to our property that it has washed away the moist of the soil in our backyard. The backyard remains soft like quicksand, and our neighbors yard which contains a retaining wall remains dry and growing with grass. As you can see below, the water is pouring with even the shortest rain. We recently laid rock to attempt to prevent more water from coming to the foundation. The property that neighbors us, has installed drainage and a retaining walls as well. However, none of these assist in keeping (what appears to be) a pool from forming in their yard. When stepping in their backyard, it stays extremely spongy for dry days on end. After 4 dry and warm days, the damage is still apparent even at 7304 Blue Jay way. The soil has been washed away so much that the roots of the trees are now visible. The water runs so quickly that mulch drains along with it. After laying pine straw, it usually takes a few storms before it washes from the first poperty to the last and away to the gazebo.

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