This guy is a joke!nLet’s see, where to begin. I was injured on the job. A very well qualified doctor gave me an impairment rating based on injuries sustained on the job. nThe beloved State of Texas (creeps) worker’s comp. disputed the rating (their right) and sent me to THEIR doctor who gave me a very low and different rating. His words were the injuries are pre-existing. Now, granted ALL the doctors that I have seen and all the diagnostic tests clearly show that they are NOT pre-existing. nI am now having to use an attorney to fight this creep. His assistant even had the gall to say that no one ever comes out of here with a rating higher than a 15%. Now the state has to pay more if a person has a higher rating than a 15. nIt is quit clear to me that this Doctor Howard Bernstein out of Houston and travels all across Texas clealy works in conjunction with the insurance company. nI even found a site where the doctors are TRAINED to be against the patient. What kind of scam is the workers compensation of Texas running anyway. Blows me away. nI will continue to fight this and will post names addresses phone numbers etc later. nIf any of you out there are injured in the state of texas, if the name of this doctor ever comes up and you have to go to him, either ask for another one, take a friend or take a tape recorder. This guy is a sorry excuse for a doctor. nHe doesn’t have the knowledge to evaluate a fly, let alone a real injured person. That reminds me of an old saying, “those who can do

those who can’t do impairment ratings””. nFYI: These doctors get a thousand dollars a pop for this. Can you imagine

seeing 10 patients a day? That’s $10

000 a day. Do the math. nThese guys

especially this one is a real jerk! By the way