Complaint: I unfortunately went to this psychiatrist & in fact was the first psy dr. I ever went to & regretted the experience very much. When I was explaining my symptoms he exhibited a very short temper when I continued bringing up the topic of my severe depression. I had brought it up several times because their was no comment etc. When I did mention it several times he exclaimed with exaperation ” You already told me that!”” I almost broke down in tears several times & also almost stormed out of his office. When I kept mentioning it he was at the point of raising his voice to the point of losing his temper. I had also mentioned I have been experiencing severe mood swings daily & after asking me a few questions he determined I was not bipolar even though I believe I am. I had told him I was long term unemployed with no health insurance but he did not give me any refills on the medication & expected me to come back every 30 days. In closing I would not recommend this doctor at all because all my experiences were horrible & it cost me too much money for what I believe was a series of lousy experiences. Needless to say I stopped seeing this doctor. I won’t continue to support dr’s who make the decision they want to behave in an unprofessional

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Address: uncaring & belittling manner to their patients.”


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