Complaint: I used Dr. Patricia Dixon as I was seeking counseling for stressors in my life. Dr. Dixon was rarely on time and often I would arrive to her office ON TIME, but still I would have to wait until she arrives. However, she was really quick to make certain she timed your session and got you out on time while billing you for the entire session. Dr. Dixon seemed more pre-occupied with her high end waterfront location and carrying designer bags than actually helping people. When I had a psychological report done, Dr. Dixon didnu2019t do the report herself, she had one of her students (Dr. Dixon taught at a nearby college) perform the testing, but I am certain Dr. Dixon still billed my insurance company for the whole fee. When I got the report it was full of errors. The report didnu2019t have my name correct or even the correct date of testing. It looked like a template was used from another client and nobody bothered to change the pertinent patient information. Donu2019t waste your time or money on Dr. Patricia Dixon in the Palmetto, Florida area. She is completely useless and a waste of time. Dr. Dixon would literally sit in our sessions with her cell phone next to her, repeatedly checking her phone, even as I was speaking to her. Dr. Patricia Dixon in Manatee County, Florida is a complete waste of time. Save yourself. Get REAL help if you need it.

Tags: Psychologist

Address: Palmetto, Florida United States