Complaint: I contacted a breeder online by the name of Cara Johnson, who told me she had no puppies but gave me the name and email address of the breeder she received her dogs from, and now breeds them. i contacted this dr. Paul Walkman, who stated he was a vetinarian, and was adopting out 3 puppies. He sent me pictures of the dogs to chose from. I then was told to get a vanilla prepaid network card and put $100 and then scratch the back pin and send to him. once he received the money, he then sent me a link for the pet relocating company. This company. Stated to do the same transaction, using the same type of card in the amount of $500 and once the owner brought the dog they would send me a confirmation with the flight times and that the dog will be flown to the nearest airport to me then, delivered right to my door. this morning I received the information along with a message saying that i needed to pay $400 for insurance and that I would receive that back in cash when they delivered the dog. needless to say I fell for all of it am out $1000. alicia Bastin fuquay varina, nc

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