My father had surgery done on his knee back in 1998. When my dad and I initially went to meet with the Doctor, the first thing they did was ask for my Dad’s insurance card which we gave to the secretary and they clearly stated to us that the insurance was going to cover the operation. In fact, even before going to his office, I called the Doctor’s office and asked them if they took Magna Care, my Dad’s insurance provider, and they said they did. nTherefore everything continued as planned. However, after the surgery was over, they sent us a bill for the entire operation! We told them we were not going to pay because we were told that our insurance would cover it. They kept sending us bills, but we kept refusing to pay. Then, the Doctor offered to have us only pay $2,000. But, we again refused. nThen, just recently we received a bill from CB/HV (Collection Bureau of The Hudson Valley, Inc.) requesting that my Dad pay the Doctor a total of $5,875.00. nWe would like to know how to approach this issue. We still don’t think we should have to pay since we were told that the Insurance Co. was going to cover the bill. The Doctor was supposed to make sure our Insurance was going to pay before operating. nWe would like to know how far the Collection Bureau can go and what other steps the Doctor can and will take. Could the Doctor sue my father? What rights do we have as patients? Where can we go to solve this problem? Who should we go to for help? CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. nMileivinBrooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.

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