This is the biggest mistake we have ever made. The sales guy is great at selling but would not provide the names of anyone who would recommend their prouct. I’m guessing it’s because they hate the product as much as we do. The quality of this product is the worst. We have had problems with it from the get go. Several things have gone wrong with it in the first year. We are now four months into our second year of ownership and even more things have gone wrong; even a crack they fixed under warranty is back but they will not pay for the labor. Now there are leaks under the swimspa that you cannot acces because they have insulated everything in a foam that hardens. I would never recommend this to anyone even my worst enemy. The labor is extremely expensive and the labor warranty goes away after 6 months so guess when everything really starts to fall apart? After 6 months. Run as fast as you can a way from any Dr Wellness, Rec Direct or LPI product. It isn’t worth your time, frustration or money!!!!! .