After searching a long time for the right Tiffany styled lamp at a good price, I located the Dragonfly Lamps website. It was a nice website. From all appearance, the company seemed legitimate. I only noticed there was no fax number listed when I began to write this report. I relied totally on the “factory direct”” advertisement to explain the offering of the low price for a 1908 Studios Blue Tiffany lighted base dragonfly for $119.95. I ordered on line. My credit card was immediately charged. I was somewhat concerned that I didn’t receive an email confirmation of the order or my payment. I have purchased enough things on line to recognize when the process is off. So

in an abundance of caution I copy and pasted the vague information: Order number yhst-50992693469486-705. I learned this was a Yahoo store but have not yet figured out how to alert Yahoo Stores to the ongoing fraud by Dragonfly Lamps. The shipping information on the Dragonfly Lamps website assures that all items will leave Los Angles within 3-4 days. Patiently I waited: one week

two weeks

three weeks

four weeks