Complaint: Dramatic smiles is a scam. I made an order September 27th and I never got my products. I called the number on the web site and it says “press 1 to make an order or 2 for customer service. 1 and 2 are the same number from the sprint cell phone company. They took my money out of my bank account which I used my debit card for the purchase. I have left several phone messages as well as e-mails to no avail. Its pretty pathetic that these people don’t earn there money like the rest of us have to. I went to the Better Buisness Burial online and filed a complaint as well. I also checked there reviews from former customers and found out that they got ripped off as well. I hope these guys get busted and shut down.”

Tags: Sales People

Address: Burnsville, Minnesota United States of America


Phone: 952-261-5609