Complaint: Dreamfinders are the worst builder i’ve ever met. I have built 4 custom homes and had very positive experiences with all 4 prior to number 5 with dreamfinders. I also know several other builders and they are shocked to hear the experience i am having with dreamfinders. Everyone at Dreamfinders over promises and underperforms. They do not have any relationships with their subcontractors and struggle to get any work done. We went under contract on a home in June of this year, this home was a spec house that was completely framed just waiting to be finished. It is now mid December and we are not even to drywall yet. We have had beautiful weather into December, yet they failed to get the roof done or complete exterior framing and stucco and stone, now we have weather issues. They have excuses for everything and blame their lack of productivity on lack of subs in the marketplace, yet a home directly next door was completely built in the past 6 months, and other builders in the same neighborhood are building homes and working circles arounfd Dreamfinders. We asked for a set of plans in the beginning as well as a build schedule, we neve received the plans, and finally got a build schedule 6 months later of which they are already behind on. They do not care about their customers nor want to do anything to make things right. We have begged since early on in the project to let us out and they refused, we caught on pretty quick that they were a shoddy builder yet they continue to hold our feet to the fire and continue to disappoint. Whatever you do, do not buy a home from Dreamfinders, you will regret doing business with them.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 6015 robert st longmont, Colorado USA