On August 3 2006 i ordered a pair of micheal jordan gym shoes. However i never receveid this order. They billed my credit card in the amount of $75.00. nOn several occasions i emailed them and tried to call them but they never repiled. when i called all i got was an answering machine saying leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible. nI emailed them at least 7 times and tried to call them about the same amount of times. nOn august 30 2006 i emailed them again and this time i received a reply that their overseas shippment was late and as soon as they recieved it i would get my order; nNever received the order i emailed them again and informed them i wanted my money refunded this was on about September 7 2006 nI receivd a reply stating the merchant had issued a refund of $75.00 an if it does not appear on my bank statement within a mini of wro days contact dreamkicks nOn september 14 2006 i contacted dreamkicks by email and told them i have not recieved my refund. nThe answeered me and apologized and said you should be receiving your refund this week. Well the week came and went and still no refund. nI contacted them agian and told them i never recevied my refund. And again they answered my email stating it would be this week whcih was the week of the September 20. And again no refund nThiis is Septembeer 24 2006 and i am waiting for the refund I told them in my last email i felt they are running a scam on people they did not refund my money. This is September 24 3006 i feel they have no intention of a refund this is why i am writing to you, nJosephnButrbank, IllinoisU.S.A.

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