Be aware on their claim of guarantee of quality. I bought a tea lenth wedding dress, W1ZH31558, with the addition of a veil, shawl, and the jacket. The dress, it was beautiful, but it wasn’t an exact match and it had a missing eye hardware for the hook and eye closure on the back. Also, the veil, I was told they would choose one that would be nice for my dress for me during the order confirmation, but what arrived was a raw cut, jagged edge piece of tulle with no embellishments. It isn’t even a style listed in their veil selection when you search for veils, and I noted to them that the add on of the veil said $30, but none of the veils cost that much. I was told (like another customer mentioned) that the dresses are an interpretation of the picture by the dressmaker. Also, there was no offer to fix at least the veil situation by sending me another one. I was told that I would need to pay for fabric and shipping fee, so I should accept a discount for my next dress. The discount offer was $10 off of a dress over $120 and $20 off of a dress over $200. Which is a useless compromise to me. None of the dresses I would want costs that much. Also, their comment to the add on cost of a veil being $30 was that the individual veils didn’t include the shipping cost. That doesn’t make a lot of sense when the veil, jacket, shawl, and the dress came in one DHL bag, and the veil was flat. Also, the shipping cost is added during checkout. So they basically didn’t offer to fix the problem, offered a useless discount, and gained over $30 for charging additional shipping cost for close to 5′ of veil fabric that couldn’t have cost more than a few dollars max. It is disappointing to know that there seem to be some great looking dresses out there, but the ones made through seem like a knock-off, since they are only an interpretation, so they use that as an excuse to make them in a cheaply manner. Their apparent lack of a real guarantee of their products make this site one best to avoid and re-iterates how it is better to find such an important occasion dress in a store, instead of online.

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