In March I ordered 2 “Mother-of-the-Bride”” dresses from I wish I had seen the reports prior to ordering. My order was delayed by over a month. Each time I contacted them I was given promises of delivery “”soon””. nWell

the dresses DID finally arrive. But what arrived disgusted me! I ordered 2 chiffon dresses. What came was 2 dresses that (should have been light and airy) weighed an incredible amount! They were bulky

seams did not line up

the zipper on one was puckered. In other words

they looked worse than a Grade 9 Home Ec project. The dresses are completely un-wearable! nMy daughter just laughed when i showed them to her. My husband said it was an expensive lesson learned! Never again!!! Thankfully I had read a few reviews (after I ordered the dresses) and began looking at alternatives. I ended up ordering a beautiful dress from Nordstroms