Do not buy from! It is not a reputable company, they claim to provide quality clothing/merchandise with full refund policy for poor workmanship, they do not honor! False Advertising – Poor Quality Merchandise is what you get! The dress they delivered me was of extremely poor quality & workmanship! It had pin holes up & down the front, one shoulder strap did not match the other, lace appliques were sewn hap hazardly, side seam was pinch out and the fabric itself was of poor quality. I was told to go to a tailor & have the dress fixed & it would look nice. They went on to say they spent a lot of time & money to make the dress and it would be a hardship to offer a refund. They give you the run around, playing dumb! Never answering you about their written full refund policy. Spread the word to others – DONT buy from!

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