Don’t let this online company steal your money and ruin your occassion. I ordered a dress from this company online for my daughter to wear to her senior prom. What a mistake. I ordered it 6 weeks before her prom and according to the websites shipping/handling time frame, I should have gotten the dress in plenty of time for her big event. nWhen the time had come that I should have received the dress I started contacting the company to find out what was going on and when I should expect delivery. The date that I was given for delivery was a couple of days before the prom, which of course made my daughter and I a bit nervous. However, we kept in contact with the company and from our first contact we made it clear to them the date she had to have the dress by and if it would not be ready for her prom we had no use for the dress. The company kept asking us to wait and as soon as the dress was ready they would contact us. The week of the prom our contact with them became very difficult and they told her to use the dress for a different occasion. This is her senior prom. What ocassion would she use a prom dress for after her prom? nI failed to mention that this dress was just a regular size. It was not special ordered for her measurements or anything specifically tailored to her. So why would it take so long to get? I have ordered many things online and have never encountered a business like this one.nWe made it very clear on several of our contacts with the company that if the dress was not deliverable before prom we absolutely had no use for it. However, the day before the prom we still did not have the dress and though we had already bought matching shoes and accessories, we had to go out at the last minute and find another dress. What a nightmare that was. nTo make a long story short. Dressbraw contacts us the week after the prom stating that the dress is finally done and ready to ship. I had been in contact with them all the while and they knew the prom was over and we had to buy another dress. Now they refuse to give a refund of my money and will not answer my messages at all.nI am out the money for the dress and have not received the dress. Urgggghhh!!! Please do not let this happen to you. I have attempted several times now to contact them with no answer. After leaving several reviews online about this company, I have come to find out that we are not the only ones that have been put through this He** from Dressbraw. Others have emailed me with similar stories. Please order from a US company like Davids. My daughters BFF ordered her dress from Davids 2weeks before prom and had her dress a few days before the prom. Don’t make the mistake I made. Order your dress from the good old USA companies!

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