I received an email from a person who works for Dresser Rand Group by the name of Hernandez Logan. He offers a customer service – work from home job. His email is [email protected] He wanted me to reach out to Hiring Manager via google hangout. I contacted Jennie Glassiter, her email address ([email protected]). She introduced the company, Job objectives then began conducting a chat interview. ON the spot, I got hired. She suddenly changed her mind and offered me a payroll technician job instead because the technician was so sick. I declined. Moving on, she explains the probationary period as well as company benefits. I will start as soon as the Supervisor contacts me. I knew, everything sounds fishy. So I went to legit Dresser Rand website, look for a contact number so I can speak to HR for verification. Low and behold, I was told these people are not on database nor their email addresses are invalid which means their company has not used a string of email address like theirs. Moreover, they do not conduct chat interview, on the spot job offer. Scammers are using Dresser Rand name for their own benefits.