I placed my order for my daughter’s sweet sixteen dresses with this company in January 2011. I was promised delivery in early february. I was contacted in February and asked if late february woudl be ok for delivery. I said that woudl be fine. I never heard another word. nIn early March 2011 I contacted them to see what was going on and was given the run around. Everday I checked on the status I was given another answer…first they were still being made, then they were shipped, then they were being made. It has been a disaster. Then I was told I could not cancel my order. nThis company it a total scam to take your money. My daughters event is two days away and we have no dresses!! I have obviously found replacements but thats not the point. I am out over $200 and have no dresses and they can’t even tell me if I ever will. nThey have intentionally lied and misled me from day one. If you want an actaul dress do not order here. I am now going to work withmy bank to get my money back since they used a company called moneybrokers.com to collect the payment. Hopefully I will….but be warned!!

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