Nice to see that somebody has finally started to expose the people responsible for undoubtedly gross incompetence. The Regional Manger responsible for my region has told me also that “they”” have no work and are struggling to pay the bills. I have written to Welcome and asked for my property to be withdrawn. I really am a person of principle and I don’t quite understand what the “”Agencies”” part is about but nothing surprises me with this company. Simon Law had promised to call me directly to resolve and issue where they had tried to charge me for selling a week during their “”exclusive”” period. I now find out that they have offered to scrap this system for hundreds of owners

quite bizarre having one rule for one person and another rule for another and so on.. I have been in business for over 40 years and really don’t like being treated like a moron. My husband had a good long chat with the Regional Manager who was supposed to arrive for a some what useless Health and Safety visit

the fact that French law is completely different to UK law has no bearing. I feel sorry for the French Agencies who do not even know how their revenue stream is going to be damaged and through the actions of Simon Law and I am sure will not be happy. Perhaps somebody can enlighten me on this point? I welcome any persons to reply to my post if you have similar opinions on the underhand way that Mr Law has dealt with this. Lastly

how can a global company simply kill off revenue for their people? quite literally somebody is in a position that is way above their business skills. I hope the Holiday Cottages Group CEO will read ALL the comments that will be posted here as I am sure there are going to alot more. I urge everybody to stand up and help the Regional Managers who will still have to pay the French social charges no matter if they work or not. Shame on you Simon Law

you possibly need to be removed from your position! I hope the shareholders realise what a nasty little man you are. (An unhappy EX advertiser in Brittany)”