Both my undergraduate and graduate degree was obtain from Drexel University. I worked full-time at Drexel University while obtaining my graduate degree part-time. I took 2 classes per term for 2 1/2 years to complete my graduate degree. One of the benefits in working full-time at Drexel University was its tuition reimbursement program; therefore my tuition was covered for my graduate degree. Meaning I only had student loan debt for my undergraduate degree. Upon graduating Drexel University with my graduate degree, I was unemployed for the first 6 months, therefore I was unable to pay back my undergraduate loans right away. I finally got a job that did not pay well, which meant I had to concentrate on other bills and applied for a forbearance on my student loans. To make matters worse I suffered a house fire where I lost 95% of everything I owned and was homeless for 1 month. The good news is I finally got a decent job that enabled me to pay off all of my other debt leaving me to con

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