READ FROM BOTTOM ON UP For a mixed martial arts person you sure do need to learn to control your agressiveness towards customers. WOW! Now I can see why your girlfriend left you and you have to pay child support to her when I came up their to visit you. Learn how to be kinder to your customers. WOW! When it comes to this business you have greatly suffered in all the aspects recently. FACT! Expect a call or email and answer it when you have someones elses money so you shut the heck up. REASONABLE! Learn to control your company and stop whining when people want something and you have their money. ALSO REASONABLE! It seems this is the only way to get trough to you since you do not answer emails once you have someones elses money but you sure as heck answer phone and emails before you get the money! BAD BUSINESS SKILLS It’s pointless to argue over the internet with you and i’ve seen many a type come and go like this with poor attitudes such as yourself so I would much rather pay someone else higher money who has faster shipping and a more proffesional mannerism towards their supposedly valued customers which you could recently care less about. Here comes another point towards the Ripoff Scams and call to the better business bureau. Dispute has already been done with my bank since you said my package would be here on monday which was a blatant lie. Also learn to not say something when you perfectly know it will not happen which tells me you are to scared to admit that your stock is running low and also informs me of you amateruish lazy unproffesional aspect of not updating your website. For this reason which I hate to do, but am going to do is put this whole email in a Ripoff Scams and cut off any initial contact with you because you have done nothing but lie, use curse words and act unproffesional within the last two months. Also I thought It was illegal to sell to someone who supposedly has “habits”” If such is reffered to as making opium poppy tea. Tired of all the lies and unproffesionalism . Sincerely

BOB Have a nice day —–Original Message—–From: Seth Petruzelli To: bobSent: Tue

Oct 19

2010 10:56 amSubject: RE: EVENTS 11 hrs #1 Learn to control your habits#2 expect delays when ordering#3 order before you run out#4 go pay more elsewhere#5 shut the f* up and stop whining nTo: Subject: EVENTS 11 hrs Date: Tue

19 Oct 2010 04:33:25 -0400From: #1:happy