Complaint: In November of last year (2004), having no other choice I went to Drive Time in Torrance California for the purchase if a automobile… unfortunately. After picking out a very nice, clean 2002 Ford Escort (one of only a few cars I was allowed to choose from) we sat down to do the deal. The price of the car was $10,000.00 and without any opportunity to do ANY negotiation on the price, that what I was forced to agree to, or walk home. At the time I did own a vehicle and I was told on the phone that I could buy insurance at the dealership since I did not have any. When speaking face to face with the salesman about the insurance he told me that the insurance was $150.00 for comp and collision and an additional $100.00 for liability. I was told that I was not required to buy the liability insurance in order to drive the car off the lot even though it is illegal to drive without it. I was also told that the $150.00/100.00 was a down payment on a insurance policy and that I would be billed for the balance on a six month policy, I could either pay it or get me own insurance. I asked the salesman that if I bought the insurance right then and got my own policy the next day could I cancel their policy and get a refund, the answer I got was “yes””. So in order to have full coverage I paid the full $250.00

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Address: I put it on my check card. We then finished the deal and I drove home to Long Beach. The next morning I went out and ran some errands. When I got home I checked my bank account and saw that I was only charged $150.00

Website: that it was nothing more then a one month binder to be added to Drive Times insurance policy. This made me very angry since I have a spotless driving record and full coverage insurance does not cost me more then $90.00 a month

Phone: not the full $250.00. I then called the insurance company directly to find out why. I was told by one of their representatives that I was only given the comp and collision and NOT the liability insurance because the dealership failed to fax over a copy of my drivers license. I was very upset about this now knowing that I had been driving around without liability insurance