Complaint: I purchased a car from this company in February 2009, maybe 2 weeks of having this vehicle I experienced problems with the car hesistating to start, I paid for the ignition switch to get fixed and that was not the problem because the car still hesitates to start and it always run over to hot. I have since discovered that Drivetime sold me a water damaged and the hesitation of the vehicle was coming from problems from the engine, the engine light came on and the engine power reduced light came on in the car, the car would not go in reverse or drive. I would also like consumers to know this company is nothing but a bunch of crooks who take advantage or people who has poor credit, the interest rate they charge is utterly ridiculous and the vehicles are not worth the price they charge, I had the 2006 Chevy Malibu appraised that I go from Drivetime and the vehicle appraised at only $5,000.00, the crooks at Drivetime want me to pay for this vehicle almost 4 times at $21,000 and the car is no good. If someone has a class-action lawsuit against these crooks, I am very interested in being a part of it, this company needs to be shutdown permanently. Roxanne Hyattsville, MarylandU.S.A.

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