Mr. Don Picon runs numerous websites selling tiling, carpeting, and laminate floor installation tools. Lists items for sale that are unavailable, but doesn’t bother to tell you, he just doesn’t ship them. (I was not charged for this item.) Cost two weeks additional waiting for a tool he had no intention of shipping. He also charged $25.00 to ship a 2-pound box via FedEx, his actual freight charge was about $8.00. (These were tools I was unfamiliar with, so I did not realize they were so small. Did not realize the freight charge was exhorbitant until I read the packing slip.) Found another supplier with better prices and spectacular service and bought my tools there. According to Mr. Picon’s website, any returns must be made promptly and shipped at buyer’s expense. Did both of these things. FedEx made three delivery attempts, plus sent him a postcard advising of shipment. (I also entered his email address on the FedEx shipping record, so he knew the parcel was in transit.) He ignored all delivery attempts and postcard, causing parcel to be returned to me. nThe items I returned were brand new, unused, and promptly sent to his home address. He clearly has no intention of refunding my money, so am now pursuing other avenues of reimbursement. nSo much for trying to buy from a small business. Will never recommend this man or his ‘businesses’ to anyone, and I know LOTS of folks who either are employed in the trades or do their own home improvements.

4080 Borneo St. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi United States of America


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