Complaint: Tenants have been living in unbelivably horrible conditions for over two and half years in more than two of their properties. Black Mold has been covered over with paint in more than half of their units in one perticular building.Holes and other damage has also been covered with cardbord and tape. Tenants have been wronfully evicted for demanding repairs.Smoke detectors are not installed properly or not operating properly, or just plain missing.Resident Managers have been Instructed to turn down Pottential tennants with all requirements met based on race or other descriminatory reasons .Resident Managers have been wronfully terminated for speaking up in the behalf of tenants.Supervisors(Susie) harrass perticular tenants that have tooken legal action against these injust slumlords.Tenants where told if they did not like it to move out by Supervisor(susie).They take advantage of minoraties that don’t know their legal rights.

Tags: Landlords

Address: 14081 Yorba Street Tustin, California USA


Phone: (714) 731 9200