Complaint: This complaint is about the Field Manager for this company. Being humaine and being a professional seems to be a forigen concept to this guy. He makes verbal agreements about not firing employees and then does so by TEXT message. He makes verbal agreements about increased wage compensation and them does not honor them. Told my husband whom has make notes on his timesheet about the pay increase. He has not been paid yet for the difference. Treats his employees like slaves. Has made the comment that when working with him a break is a GIFT and he does not believe in giving them, but if they deserve them they will get them. If an employee doesn’t make a note on the timesheet that no lunch has been taken it is deducted automaticly by payroll. So I have been told by employees. This coming from a guy that is only on the worksite a total of 3 hours of the crews 18 hour day. He has threatend to decrease a forman’s commision for missing a day. This man’s wife need emergency surgury. HUMAIN HUH? He tells crew members that positions are available to them ie.. an in house finisher.Then riddiclues the work and has the nerve to tell experienced workers that it is not to HIS approval. My husband has over 10 years experience in the construction field and this man treated him like an intern. Telling him that he didnt know what he was doing. My husband has built houses from the ground up. NOT just instaling basement equipment. I think it has to do with the fact that they are the same age and my husband could run circles around him with his experience. Since this is a family owned company this man has free run of everything. He double schedual jobs and then complaint and belittles the crews for not getting done on time. Raises are given to people he likes or the people who kiss his butt the most. Example: Two employees that have work about the same amount of time with the company. one has automotive experience and the other construction (which is what the company does CONSTRUCTION). The crew member with auto experience getts a 1.00 raise over the man who has experience. Which is a violation of NJ state law and so is the threat to with hold part of the commision for the other forman. I have looked this up. Employees are afraid to go to HR or the owner with ANY complaints because they know that he will still be allowed to treat this company like a middle school playground. With that fear employees are being treated like SLAVES!!!! Animals have more rights then these men. I will not sit by and say nothing! It is ashame that the father and owner allows this kind of work practices to continue and shame on he field supervisor for being so unproffessional. Do not support this type of behavior. Do not get your basements done with this company. Give your money to desent companies that are HUMAIN and RESPECT thier employees. Sadly now my family has fallen victim to this workplace bullying. My husband has lost his job when he had great reviews from customer. JUST BECAUSE YOUR DADDY OWNS IT DOESN”T MAKE YOU A KING!!!”

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