My dealings with Quality Wholesales Homes Southwest began in Aug. 2008. I was first contacted by a Lynn Robertson. I picked the model I liked and sent a $750. down payment on a promise of $5000. for the home I wanted. The rest was to be taken out of my account at $536 a month for 6 months. nI was contacted by Mrs Robertson within the next week to tell me that my credit needed to go through a credit mend program with their finiance company Pertitus Financial. nI noticed tat the payment wasn’t coming out of my account so I called Quailty Homes Southwest and found out that my account had been transfered to another agent because Lynn Quit. I was shuffled to other agents until I was given a lady called Dawn Gent. Dawn started helping me and thing started to come inline. nI was told that since I am self employed that they could not find financeing for me. I then told them that I could get my own financing and she had a deal for me that the buyers financing fell through. I told her to send pictures and I would make a decision. nI accepeted the home and went to the bank to get financed. I got approved and the bank wanted Quality Wholesale Homes Southwest to send a MSCO or they would not send payment for them to deliever my home. Quility Homes did what the bank required and the home was to be sent after I did the sight improvements. nI finished thge sight improvements and talked to Dawn and she sent all the pictures of the sight to their delievery personal. The delievery company is Nash Construction and I talked to a man named Fozi. He told me he had talked to Dawn and need 10 days for the concrete to cure for delievery. nI did not hear from anyone for 2 weeks so I called Nash and Talked to Fozi and he told me they did not pay fo delievery and he work for 21 others. I then tried to contact Quality Homes to get a recording their phone system was down. I kept calling only to hear the same responce. nMy sister was going to Texas on business and I gave here the adress to find out that they had been locked out for non-payment of rent. I got a # from a source for Goldbilt Homes and call them and asked if they were affiliated with Quailty Homes and they said yes. I was then refered to Justin Kerns who is the set-up and delivery person for the company. nI have been calling Justin for a week and no call back and I can’t even get the first ext 609 to answer after the first conversation. I need help with this and if yopu are wanting to do business with these pople please read this carefully. I will keep calling but also put me on the list to get paid back. I am pay for a MSCO and hve no home. nRickey the pearlnWilburton, OklahomaU.S.A.

555Republic Dr. Suite 200 Plano, Texas U.S.A.

800-242-0060 x425

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