I received a phone call from an 800 number and sent it to voicemail. The voicemail stated that there is a legal matter attached to my name and ss number and that I needed to call back (mind you the call back number was different than the original caller number) as soon as possible to resolve this matter. So I used my sideline number to call back and reached a Ms. Davis. I told her that I had received a phone call and was told to call this number. She didnt ask for my name but rather for the number that they had called. Instead of giving her my actual number, I asked her what company this was. She stated the name if the company is dss. I then asked her what kind of company it is and she stated "I don’t know". I clarified and said, "you don’t know what company you work for?". Again she stated "I don’t know". I hung up. It’s not my first rodeo with these kind of malicious life suckers unfortunately. Needless to say, those numbers are now blocked and they will be reported to both the state attorney general and consumer finance.