Mail enticement to purchase goods and receive a reward (a bag) for a purchase of over $39 by entering a promo code. Nowhere in offer does it indicate that the purchaser must also add the item to their cart. Rather, the offer seems to indicate that the item will be added to the cart via the promo code. After promo code is entered, no error is reported, so it appears the item has been added to the order. When I called to ask about my non-receipt of the offered bag, the customer service representative said it was "confusing" and his own mother had "made the same mistake" and he couldn’t help her as the offer was "for a limited time" and "while supplies last". The only compensation offered was a few "rewards" points that only went one-third of the way toward being enough for redemption for a product, so I would have to order twice as much as I had already ordered to get enough "rewards" this way to obtain the bag offered in the promotion. I declined.