Duarte’s Appliances Stay Away! Horrible Customer Service, Junk Appliances Riverside , California nI purchased a used Samsung Refrigerator from Duarte’s on June 29, 2011. They charged $20 for delivery. The men could not find my house (no GPS) so I had to get in my car and go find them (20 minutes driving around) so they could nfollow me back to my home. They were in a truck that looked much worse that the Sanford & Son junkyard truck. I was embarrassed when they pulled up in my driveway. Two men got out one could not speak English and the other that could, tried to con me into paying him more money for the delivery. Told me he could have left it on the door step and kept going. Then asked if he could have my old fridge. I said you are going to try and fix it and sell it, well that’s a h*ll of a tip wouldn’t you say! He took the old fridge and cursed me as he was walking out the door. After they left, I noticed the ice-maker wasn’t working I had to go buy a waterline and connector to get that going. The next day no ice was being dispensed. I called the store and told them I was having a problem with ice not coming out the door. I was told, in very poor broken-English someone would call me back. No one did! I called again the next day,the lady (Alicia) said “yeah yeah yeah technician coming to your house today”” I said

how do you know who I am and where I live? She then said where do you live? I told her she assured me a tech would come by my house that day. No one showed again. I called again the next day and I guess they recognized my number cause for hours no one nanswered. I waited a few minutes and blocked my number they answered. She asked when did you buy the fridge I said on the 29th of June. She said ok tech come by today. I said you have been telling me that for days and no one shows up. I will take you to court to get my money back if I have to. She starts YELLING in the phone

“”take me to court then gonahead take me to court

I don’t care take me to court!”” The next voice I heard was a man and finally someone who spoke English well. He said I will send someone by at 7 this evening will that be a good time. I agreed. They came by around 4pm and fixed the problem (I hope). Four days later the freezer was nice and cold but the fridge side was warm. I called to tell them of my problem Alicia answer and says again

“”when did you buy the fridge?”” I said the 29th of June