Today I decided to go to get a doughnut at Dunkin Donuts. Little did I know that it would turn out to be a bad idea. I get to the counter and order a single Chocolate Glazed doughnut, and nothing else. I noticed the price was 87 cents. He goes to get it, comes back, and says the total is 1.58. I said alright, not thinking, and handed him the cash. Walked out. nThen it hit me like a brick wall. Tax is 6 cents to a dollar. How could I have gotten almost a dollar extra from 87 cents? I go back inside to the counter. He immediately asked if something was wrong with what I got. I said I think you might have overcharged me. Then he gave me this really long speech about how the company is careful with their customers money, and I cut him off short. I said I have no time for this, just give me my money and I’ll go. He said I didn’t over charge you, I counted correctly. I said The price is .87 cents and you charged me 1.58. He turned to the menu and said that it must have been a misprint. Then he started to call me a liar and threatening to call the police and to get the manager and security and all that nonsense. I demanded to see the manager. He refused to let me and continued to holler. Then, after a few minutes of yelling at me, he called the manager. He came to the counter and asked what was going on. I told him that his employee overcharged me and didn’t honor the advertised price. The manager also began to make excuses for the mistake, saying that the price wasn’t correctly printed. I said I bought something and you didn’t mark it correctly. Therefore, I should still get what I ordered for the advertised price. The manager still refused to listen to me. As I started to say something else, he literally put his hands over his ears, like a little kid. Then he started yelling too, saying to leave the store with my purchased item and go. I didn’t leave. Now, I was pissed off, and I started yelling back. Then I stormed out and left my doughnut at the door on my way out. I didn’t even want to touch their products, let alone eat them. DO NOT go to this establishment, they will certainly overcharge you. And they still haven’t fixed their menu yet. And really, 1.58 for a small doughnut? RIPOFF!

Natick, Massachusetts United States of America

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