I purchased the original Dallas series DVD set from DVD Tiger the day after Thanksgiving 2012. It took 6 weeks to get the DVD set. Upon arrivel I notice the DVD set looked like it was recordings and not a professinal copy. I did not realize that the DVD set had not been realesed as a series to date. As I started going through the DVD’s I noticed that the DVD;s had stickers on them showing disc 1, disc 2, and so on, and were placed in cheap CD boxes. As I placed CD 1 into the DVR it would not play, so I moved forward and started to play each DVD. As I went along I found that some of the DVD’s where not labled, some were recordings from Soapnet and some of the seasons epasoades were missing. I emailed DVD Tiger and received a quick response back on 12-24-12 from Gordan, who said he would contact his supplier and and get a new FULL set sent to me. On January 16, 2013, I contacted Gordon and he said he would check on the status, and let me know. He never did. Again, I sent an email to customer service at DVD Tiger and several days later Gordon replys as if I was inquiring for the first time and says he will check on the status. Again not reply back. Again, I contact Gordon on January 31, 2013 and he replys they received the DVD’s and are checking each DVD to make sure they are all working and everything is there before sending the DVD’s to me and the DVD’s should ship over the weekend. It is now February and I have tried to email Gordon, the customer service line and go onto the DVDTiger website and all I get is returned emails and the website no longer works? Guess that is money I will no longer see!

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