Complaint: DWS Technologies: FRAUD- HE SOLD ME A DAMAGED COMPUTER u2013 HE IS SUSPECT OF HACKING COMPUTERS AND E-MAIL AND HE DISCLOSE PERSONAL AND BUSINESS INFORMATION! Darrell Perdue conducts business out of a hole in the wall little office accessible through his garage. I once went upstairs to use his restroom and had to walk around piles of dog poop to get through the living room. His above ground pool was green with slime moss and I was afraid to touch anything in his office or home. He sold me a laptop for $1,500.00 that my business associate and I had to take to the Geek Squad for inspection because we could not get it to work. They said the mother board was fried. I asked Darrell for my money back and he refused. The website he created for our company was a domain name and the uploading of a DVD that contained the web files from my companyu2019s former web site. Hardly a $20,000.00 job he reports in his bogus web blogs. I have operated my business for fifteen (15) years after twehty three (23)years in mainstream media where I did meet, work and or associate with numerous celebrities, sports figures and politicians. Since 1998, I have created and produced numerous products for my Globee project including a complete set of professional theatrical costumes for every character of the Solar System. I have published three beautiful children’s books, one interactive childs game on DVD, two animated cartoon stories on DVD, a thirty minute television pilot, soft toy dolls and I have donated time and money to several non-profit organizations in Nebraska. (See products below) My credentials are solid and provable through numerous family and friends that go back to 1973. The adverse blogs began with a former employee that was fired. The person was institutionalized at a mental (Richard Youngu2019s) facility three times, four suicide attemptes, burnt a house down while the father was asleep in the house and was restrained from being with grandchildren because of abusive conduct. This persons bloggs were followed by another terminated employee that took $60,000.00 out of a $250,000.00 company bank deposit. The retaliation for being terminated included adding adverse and false postings against me on the internet along with the prior posting. The more my associates and I responded to the postings in defense, the more the malicious, derogatory, and erroneous postings appeared under anonymous and factitious names. It became a battle. On October 18, 2007, my lawyer filed a suit in The Nebraska Federal Court to force Darrell Purdue, the other known bloggers to court. I intended to force them in front of a federal judge to provide evidence to back their lies, or to expose themselves as liars and frauds before the Judge. Knowing that their posted information would prove to be lies and fraud, I intended bring suits against them and ask the courts for damages for millions of lost revenues due to their sabatogging me/Globee. I have the mraket anyalisis in conjunction with PriceWaterhouseCoppers to validate potential earnings and probable losses of revenue due to their tort of my business by means of malicious and intentional fraud. I planned to place liens of their homes, banks, wages and other assets. Plaintiff: J. Paul Ottis Defendants: Internet Bloggers and Does 1-10 Filed: October 18, 2007 Court: Nebraska District Court Office: 4 Lincoln Office County: Douglas Presiding Judge: Senior Judge Warren K. Urbom Referring Judge: Magistrate Judge David L. Piester Nature of Suit: Torts – Injury – Assault, Libel, and Slander Cause: 18:1962 Racketeering (RICO) Act Jurisdiction: Diversity Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff My suit was dropped at the time due to the lack of laws governing content on the Internet. The case cited was the Megan Meier death of 2006. Where a thirteen year old school girl was being stalked and manipulated with lies and acts of fraud on the Internet by a 43 year old female neighbor pretending to be Meganu2019s boyfriend. Megan killed herself, and the 43 year old woman could not be prosecuted for causing Meganu2019s death. However laws are changing and perhaps a door will open for folks like me to prosecute scum like Darrell Purdue and the other bloggers in our files. I have over one hundred family members, friends, business associates and financial supporters that continue to praise my work and applaud my tenacity for not quitting against the endless lies of despicable people. Globee is a passion fueled by my spirit to serve God. It is obvious to me that the visions and products are amazing and that Satan has gathered weak and evil minded beings to assist his attacks on me and my work. But, God will prevail. My friends and family deserve to see a return on their invested time and money. Children deserve and meed the LOVE, KNOWLEDG and HOPE that Globee gives them for safer and better world. In the past two years I have had five bypasses, three strokes and two cancer removals. But, I continued to work daily. I just attended the 2013 Film and Television Licensing Convention. I am tired of demented malicious minds like Darrell Purdue and recently Darrells friend, a woman named Theresa Cassidy president of Catena Creations whom I have never met, posting horrible things about me. What BS, she is so liable. I would not do business with a person like Thresa Cassidy for all the money in China. One minute she is excited to work with you and the next she burns you alive never meeting you or opening her eyes to options that may hold truth and honor. I t reminds me the person that eats poop based on u201cFlyu2019s Eating poop, believing that One Million Flies Canu2019t Be Wrongu201d. And Darrell Purdue u201cMr. Righteousu201d, may end up in jail, itu2019s against the law to threaten killing someone, especially in writing and posting it on the Internet. Darrell, you posted that u201cI should be shot in the headu201d. I take your post as a serious threat on my life and a danger to my family. I intend to prosecute you. BELOW ARE SAMPLES OF MY WORK AND PRODUCTS: I AM SO PROUD OF THEM The Earth u25cfThe Sun u25cfThe Moon & The Planets of our Solar System GWE, Inc. is marketing our fully developed characters, and product rights to accredited sources to get them to the world. The product quality, uniqueness and pre-recognition are substanciated as key factors for Globeeu2019s potential success and sales. They are the first fully developed line of characters that personify our planet and the galaxy that we occupy. The products are capable of evolving as long as there is life on Planet Earth. The creator worked for the past 42 years, prior to this project, as a writer, producer and director. His family began working in the entertainment industry back in the late 1920u2019s at RKO Studios. GWE, Inc. has invested over $3 million dollars developing and producing various Globee products. Each product has been market tested as GWE grew the Globee product line. GWE has estimated $1.5 million in proprietary products and Intellectual Properties on hand. All of the IPu2019s are registered and protected. Available Products include: Twenty four (24) professionally produced costumes, plus theatrical storage and shipping cases for each costume. Hundreds of original variations of character artwork, logos, photographs and music including Globeeu2019s theme song. Completed to final re-production status. Photographs and credits from NASA, celebrities, politicians, corporate sponsors and organizations that have worked with Globee at children/family events. A screenplay for an animated motion picture, u201cDoom of the Planetsu201d. A book u201cDreamy Planetsu201d has been produced into a musical stage play, which includes the costumes, props, narrated sound tracks and special effects. Three beautifully illustrated books have been printed in limited quantities. u201cThe Magic Planetsu201d u201cDreamy Planetsu201d and u201cLittle Chicken Yellow Fluffu201d are in pre-press status ready for further production and distribution. A follow on book, u201cThe Cheese Banditu2019 is in completion. The u201cDreamy Planetsu201d and u201cLittle Chicken Yellow Fluffu201d books have also been produced as animated cartoons, available on DVD, TV or the Internet. Globeeu2019s character is a genius on every subject about the Earth from its creation. The television concept u201cThe Adventures of Globeeu201d features Globee teaming up with experts to present Earthu2019s natural wonders, its people, its life forms and space exploration. A 28 minute TV pilot has already been produced which features the characters and animals at the famous Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. Globee has appeared with Celebrities: Leonardo Di Caprio, the late Dennis Weaver, Donna Mills, Melanie Griffith, Ted Danson, Tom Arnold, Clint Black, David Crosby, James Taylor, Peter, Paul & Mary, the Beach Boys and Carlou2019s Santana. Sports Figures include, Tom Osborn, Charlie McBride, John Lattner, Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier, Steve Owens, Tony Dorsett and Steve Hogan. Victims Defense Omaha, Nebraska

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