Complaint: I bought a dog from Kesha owner of Dynasty Boerbals in 2008 when I looked at the dog the skin was very red and kesha told me it was common for these dogs to dry red skin within 3 days of having the dog it broke out horribly al over in spots I took the dog to Kerpsack vetrinary clinic and they said the dog had mainge and staff infection I immeditley contacted Kesha and made her aware of this situation. She offered to replace the dog or refund my money i paid 447.00 in vet bills to try and save the dog but the dog had to be put down I had the vet record this information to provide to kesha for a replacement dog I never once asked her to pay my vet bills just to replace the dog well here we are going into 2011 and have no received my dog nor my refund. Enough is a enough this is no way to run a business and I would strongly recommend anyone from doing business with someone like this.

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Wintersville, Ohio United States of America


Phone: 740-424-5930