Complaint: Beware the fine print with this sleazy company! They will charge you a $50 fee if the rental vehicle gets a parking ticket while in your control. They’ve hidden the fee under the heading “Extra Services”” and the policy on the webpage states: The primary renter is responsible for all tickets/violations issued to the rental vehicle and must pay these violations to the authorities that issued the ticket. A $50.00 administration fee will be assessed for each ticket/violation. Apparently

Tags: Auto Rentals

Address: they seem to feel entitled to a $50 bonus simply because a customer received a parking ticket — even though the ticket was paid by the customer as required by the city. Sleazy-Rent doesn’t PAY the ticket

Website: then they tried to jack up my base rate by $15 a day

Phone: they just charge a fee to the credit card and go have a nice dinner as a bonus to themselves. By the way