I recently traveled through the E470 toll road in a rental car. There is no way to pay your toll in cash on this tollway, and they take a picture of your license plate and then either mail you a bill or you can go on line to enter your license number and pay your bill. After trying to pay my bill several times on line, I could not find the license plate number of my rental car. I emailed the agency responsible for the toll road (E470), and was told that I was not able to pay my bill on line. They said they have an arragement with rental car companies to automatically send the bill to them. Of course, the rental car companies add very expensive charges to the tolls when they do this. I was told that I could have registered the rental car license plate ahead of time, but that is impractical because 1)I did not know I was going to be using a toll road with no option to pay my tolls in cash and 2) I could end up being responsible for other rental customer’s tolls. It is very unfair that I was not able to go online to pay my toll like other users. E470 is collaborating with rental companies to help them charge extra fees to consumers, and I wonder if E470 is getting some type of financial benefit from that, at the expense of consumers.

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