Complaint: EA Tech sells MT4 Forex Auto Trading Softwears which do not create profits. They stated that their products workvery well with Forex Live accounts with risk of only 5%. They were supposed to provide me one year Free VPS which is included in the deal. They do not have their own VPS service available. The seller stated that u201cThere are many videos related to the product on youtube as well as all results show on the website u2026 He sends our product result. Our product work did well.u201d This is not true. The results they show on websites are only positive side of results but not sharing negative results of the product nor he cannot prove that the results are from Live Accounts. According to the EA teach, the risk of EA V3 is only 5% which is also not true. I have followed EA Tech Instructions but did not work out. I have contacted them many times to let them know the products do not work. I was not happy with the products I purchased from EA Tech. Therefore, I returned the items. However, they do not refund money.

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