I ordered with them a hoop rings for $5.00 and paid extra ($20) for faster shipping. I was promised that paying extra I would receive the product between 3-7 days. The order was made March 5, 2016, on March 22nd, 2016 I have not receive it yet. The website system said it was shipped March 10, 2016, more than ten days ago… But I don’t have them. That is NOT GOOD!!!u201d Their email doesn’t work and their phone is invalid…!!! Can you believe this: their phone number DOES NOT exist. And they asked me to be patient. How can they ask me to be patient and to write them an email to an address that doesn’t work. Is not a matter of patience, is a matter of service. I paid for a service and I am not receiving the service. They have many clients complaining about their service. I ask them to respond to me with a clear and logical answer or I will make sure that everyone knows that their company is a fraud. I don’t care if I have to paid to publish in the whole world what their company do. Armando Perez Aleman RM1202, 12/F, TUNG CHUN COMMERCIAL CENTRE, 438-444 Internet Eachbuyer has not send me the merchandise I purshased. I paid extra money for a faster shipping but they has not send anything. They promaised to send it withing 3-7 days. I ordered it March 5th, today March 22nd I have not received. Their phone on the website and their email address does not exist. They have no way to be contacted. I sent a messenegr text through Facebook and someone answered asking to send them an email to the same email address they have in their web site, that does not work, they asked me to be patient. There are are many complains all over the web from these people. I have an order number if needed.

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