In March 2010 eagle shield installed insulation in my attic, it was placed on top of the other insulation not stapled to the rafters. I was told that I should be able to lower my thermostat by three degrees but that is not correct. I still need to keep my thermostat at the same temperature as before. I called the office several times telling them how unhappy I was with their product and was told that I needed to speak with the supervisor but she was never available and never returned my calls. I wrote Garrett Harwood explaining my disappointment and requested a refund. His reply was to refer to the energy audit that his representative did when he first visited my home. The representative travels throughout the home using a thermal imaging gun to locate where drafts are coming from. Mr.Harwood is inferring that my problem is elsewhere not from ineffective insulation. The product warranty states that if purchaser if not completely satisfied at the end of the 5 year period with performance, comfort, energy savings or other benefits of Eagle Shield, a full refund of the purchase price will be paid less any energy cost savings realized from the performance of the product. The limited guarantee covers a period of time which begins with the date you actually file your registration form with the company and continues for 5 years thereafter. To obtain your refund you must write to Eagle Shield within forty-five days following the guarantee expiration date providing a request for refund with a statement of reason for dissatisfaction. Provide complete utility billing information for utilities used for the twelve month period preceding the date insulation was installed along with complete utility billing for five year period following registration date. When I spoke with Mr. Harwood he told me that they don’t do refunds which is a contradiction to their terms and conditions lifetime product warranty and 5 year satisfaction guarantee. I have filed complaints with the BBB and also with Division of consumer Affairs who forwarded my complaint to the contractor’s license board. I had no results from the Better Business Bureau and the Contractor’s License Board attempted to mediate my complaint without success and were closing the case. They advised me to go to small claims court for assistance, which I have not done. I have been ripped off and hope that others will read my dissatisfaction with the Eagle Shield company. Their product doesn’t work!!!

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