Eagle Auto & Truck Services – Was called by the police to tow my car off the highway. They took my car back to their yard which is at 40 South Jefferson Rd. Whippany, N.J. – The next day I went to get my car out of their “fenced in yard” which is actually just a bunch of trucks surrounding the impounded cars. Once I got in my car I noticed I was missing cash, electronics and even my iPod. They claim they never saw or touched anything. Apparently my belongings grew legs and walked out the car while it was in their “safe fenced-in yard”… As if I wasn’t mad enough, they handed me a bill that almost made me fall over. They charged me over $200.00 for the tow from the next town over(less than 3 miles). Add to that $75.00 for a yard fee, $75.00 administration fee and $45.00 overnight storage fee. When I asked about the $413.00 tow bill they said “That’s what the police let us charge, it’s in the contract” So apparently, they charge as much as the police will let them, not what is a decent price for the tow. I’m now out of all the money I had to pay them for the tow, and the items they stole. I have filed a police report for the stolen property and the police told me they run into this alot with this company. How is that possible? They should be kicked off the police towing contract immediately if they are stealing from peoples’ cars. This whole situation makes me sick to my stomach. Don’t ever use this company! They have a horrible reputation. Just look at their google reviews. Noone has anything positive to say about them. They are scam artists that literally make up prices as they go along. .

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