Problems since before subscription started. 1 subscribed for premium but came out as normal. Emailed and got it changed back to premium. Subscription started and it was normal again, emailed and got told there was no premium even though a pull out in issue 1 stated there was. No official retraction of premium sub. 2 issue 1 arrived glued to parts pack which ruined magazine, emailed on 4 separate occasions and have been promised replacement but as yet even though they have said it”s been reordered on 3 occasions nothing has turned up. 3 issue 3 came with trial parts which are different to full sub parts. Again emailed and after emailing a few more times before complaint was read and answered they said they would resend. As yet nothing and well over the 21 days. 4 sent special edition graphic novel when I haven”t ordered or specified for in subscription. Money taken and after enquiry got told I had opted for this in subscription when I hadn”t. 5 emails enquiringl about getting money back from eaglemoss for graphic novel I hadn”t ordered completely ignored for over 2 weeks now. 6 emailed ceo with all problems a week ago and this too has been ignored. Absolutely shocking customer service and there seems to be no way to email anybody else about this.

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