Theft By Deception!


My Complaint: I was purchasing a car for my daughter. I saw an add in the Atlanta Journal for a Honda Accord Lx with low miles 1900.00. I called the number listed an the car was sold. He convinced me that he was a car Discount Broker an invited myself an my mom as his guest to come get a great car for lower prices than the dealership. My mom and I called some friends an they said the Auction was a great place if we could get in. We arranged to meet Rodney Gardner with EOS Automotive December the 16th 2013. We met him at Manheim Auto auction of Atlanta off of Buffington road. We had to go thru security an show your drivers license an sign in the daily sheet an wear a tag along with our Dealer Rodney. When he arrived he was wearing his dealer tag. He said for us to pick 5 cars that we wanted for my daughter. We could not drive the cars just sit inside an crank them. He had a clip board with a Dealer order form that we wrote the vin numbers of all the cars we picked an from the first one we wanted the most to the last one to bid on. He had us sign that form. He said we would be paying 200.00 for him to bring in a mechanic an that he would run all the car facts an make sure the cars were going to be safe for my daughter Abby. He also said we had a 30 day warranty on the car . He assured us we had made good pics with the cars an that the auction was the next morning . He also promised us we would have a car by 3.00 December the 17 2013. That his 25 years experience was going to make a 16 year old a very happy little girl. The 3000.00 was Abbys very own money all of it. Rodney knew she had earned that money herself. Rodney also gave us a written receipt for our money. He explained that if he did not get a car for us we did not owe him any money. He also agreed to bring the money back to us if he did not get a car by 5 o’clock the next day . A car we picked or the money. We were told he bought a red Honda civic an that he needed to fix the left drivers window an the back brake light. He texted me a picture. He said i could pick the car up at North Druid hills at 5.o’clock on December 23,2013. We were thrilled. I showed up from Norcross at the Krystal at 4.45 on north druid hills and he never showed up. He kept calling with delays thinking i would go home an wait for him but i stayed. He then changed the location to Old National hwy. This was 8 ish. I drove all the way there an he showed up with a car i had never seen before that sounded like it was going to fall apart. He said it just needed a good tune up. He had lied for over a week that the red car we had selected that he bought was just getting fixed and detailed. I asked where the red car was an he said it had a bad motor anfor us to just take this silver car. I said no i want my money back. Thru my tears he left me to look in the car while he left for the restroom. when he returned i demanded my 3000.00 back. He jumped in the silver car and drove away. I went to the Auction where we met an picked out our car an where we gave him our money. They informed me they know who he is an that he has done this to people before several times. They also have us on security tapes being there with him. The car i had picked that he said he bought was all a lie. He did not even buy a car anytime from the 17th of December to the 23 the night we were meeting. Manheim is not responsible for what dealers do an informed me that as a consumer i should have never been in the lot. I brought with me the add in the newspaper an the order form with all of the ven numbers and my receipt for 3000.00. They called fulton co police for me an the head of security waited with me until they came. I filed a police report but was informed a few days later that it was not criminal. I voluntarily gave him my money for an item . The only way i can get my money is sue him. I am a single mom with 2 kids living with my mother . I am still recovering from a horrible spinal injury . i have been out of work for 3 years. i am not on disability but have used every cent i had to pay for my medication. My kids an i lost the home they grew up in an everything but our clothes. What an how am I supposed to sue this guy?? The auction has Rodneys address an dealer number but legally cannot give it to me. I can t even file anything on my own with no address. Research has left me at a dead end. He has 3 to 5 addresses within the past few years but i cannot be sure which one is his. The work address is not valid either. I need help. I want him to not be able to steal from anyone again. As of January the 9th he still has the add in the journal for the car he never had to begin with.


My Demand: my 3000.00 dollars the day after the sale or 1 of the cars we chose