A Lot of Money For nothing


My Complaint: MR. DEVON BROWN Promise a lot but delivered very little for the money that he is asking. He said everything is done for you that you have very little advertising but that is not the case , you need to advertise a lot and buy advertising packs from him or you choice of others. the amount you paid him is $3,000 or 10,000 you do not make any money consistently because they go by sales of these trying to make other people join at these so they lie so you can join and entice people by telling on the advertising that you get bonus of $4,000 or more They got me for $3,000 and I just barely got back $385 and when I told the secretary about the not making any money they acted as if it was my fault for not doing my advertising or getting coach by one of their managers….I believe this company is misleading the people by telling them to many false advertising. They also get you to but an autoresponder and a domain name and I really mean they pressure you by telephone and email. They pay you so you don’t complaint at the same time you don’t hear nothing from them. I told the secretary that I would let them know when I got ready for the coaching. I have never heard from them again.


My Demand: full refund