Complaint: On Thursday june 9, our car broke down and the police called this company to tow our car. They billed my check visa card twice once on the 9 and then again on the 10th. It took me three tries to get anyone to help me – everytime I called they said that the accting dept was NOT there. But I was told that they are open 24 hrs and that the accting dept is always there. It just wasnt the first 3 times I called. Then when I finally got someone they couldnt understand why I was mad _ LOL!!!!!!!! They never returned my calls and I had to call again to find out if they found anything out and of course I got told that “no

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Address: they didnt charge my credit card twice and that I have to send a copy from the bank showing that they did because they show that they didnt receive the money on the 13 and 14 of june. Well

Website: 1210 7th Street Berkeley, California U.S.A.

Phone: Tomorrow – they are getting the proof from my bank. I work in the accting dept at my job and I know for a fact that if they look at their logs for the 9 and the 10th – which is the days my bank said they put in for it – they should have record of this transaction. Since they are claiming they dont only tells me that they STEAL for a living. And that they do not know how to research a complaint. I would never recommend this company to another person ever. They actually think that they can be rude to the customer. They told me that “”they had heard enough lip from me – just send the proof – if you can”” If this is not resolved tomorrow – my bank told me they would reverse the charges from their end. So one way or another I will get my money back. Consumer beware – If this tow company comes to your rescue in your time of need and offers to help – say no thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am reporting this for no other reason that they are a bad company and think that the customer is not right and that they do not have to be polite and caring. THEY STOLE MY MONEY AND THEY TREATED ME LIKE DOG DODO!!!!!!!!!!! Debra Shasta Lake