Complaint: My car was involved in an accident in July 2001. It was towed away. I received a call from a representative of East Collision of Pompano saying I needed to sign documents for the adjuster to look at the car. Not suspecting anything I signed the documents that were put in front of me. What I did not know at the time was by signing these documents I was giving them permission to fix the car! I had good insurance and my car was not even two years old there was no reason for me to knowingly have a dinky autobody shop fix it. This shop called me one day around closing time on a Friday to pick up the repaired car. I paid them the full repair cost of $7,200 (insurance + deductible). Later I realized that absolutely nothing was done according to the estimate. All they had done was put Bondo and paint! I could not get the key out of the ignition, I could not open or shut the window, instead of replacing the badly damaged wheel they had had the nerve to put my own spare wheel in its place leaving me with no spare wheel! The damage underneath the car had not been fixed resulting in more and more tire damage as I drove the car. My insurance company could not help me as East Coast was not a company recommended by them. It has been nearly six months now and only partial repairs have been done. The estimate to have it fixed by another bodyshop is $7,000! Chris Pompano Beach FL

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