Complaint: My home was damaged from Hurricane Irene 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. My home owners insurance, Travelers inspected my home and submitted funds to my mortgage company, Wells Fargo to monitor the process/funds of the repairs. I chose East Coast Construction Team to do a complete roof since they did not have any complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, had an impressive website and they were on an HGTV show, which made me believe they were a reputable company. Wells Fargo confirmed their contractors license and submitted a check to me in my name and East Coast Construction Team in the amount of $2,950.00 which is the 1st payment of 3 to do a complete new roof. I co-signed the check and hand delivered the check to Ryan Young, owner of East Coast Construction Team on 12/22/11, the check was cashed on 12/23/11. As of today, 4/4/12, my complete roof has not yet begun. I received many excuses from Ryan Young claiming the roof job would begin the 2nd week of January, after the holidays. Then Ryan let me know he was in a car accident and had to have surgery and that he would be outsourcing to a roofer to complete the new roof. The new roofer claimed the measurements on the inspection report were incorrect and my roof would cost $4k more than my insurance was paying. I contacted my insurance, Travelers, who sent out the roofer who did the inspection write up to re-measure my roof and claimed my roof measurements were accurate. I notified Ryan Young to let him know and asked him to obtain a different roofer to complete the roof. He never got back to me. I then emailed him a request, if he was not able to find another roofer to complete the job, I would need a refund for the $2,950.00 he received. I did not hear back from him. I notified my mortgage company, Wells Fargo of what was happening. Wells Fargo asked me to send 2 certified letters to East Coast Construction Team releasing them of the lien for the roof job and request a refund. Wells Fargo also let me know that I would be responsible for retrieving a refund; they do not get involved, even though they were the ones who issued the check. This unfortunate experience has lead me here to report East Coast Construction Team and Ryan Young, owner as he kept the money he received and would not do the job.

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